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Treat Yo' Self

Low-key - Jaztorius

Dreaming About Moonlight - Ray Ben Rue

The Guide to Wild Flowers - Space Queen

Stains - Space Queen

Au Lait - Jaztorius

The Eternal Child - Weedthief

Almost Forgot - Weedthief, Hz.

Half Moon Naturals - Jaztorius

Night Drive - Solaze

Late Night Drive - Lazy Vibes, Aviscerall

Night Street - Jaztorius

Personal Touch - dv/sn, Ray Ben Rue

Entwined - Space Queen

Las Lunas - Ricardo Schneider

The Way We Used to Be - Lazy Vibes, Lo-Fi Luke

Solana Star - Lodge Records, Ray Ben Rue

Midwinter - Space Queen

When Nature Dreams - Space Queen

A Day at the Lake - Ray Ben Rue

The Pace of Nature - Jaztorius

Colorful Thoughts - Space Queen

We Belong to the Sun - Ray Ben Rue

Beach Life - Jaztorius

One More Hit - Weedthief

Dusk - Space Queen

One Winter's Night - Lazy Vibes

Easy Drawing - slwfy

Hi-fi - Ray Ben Rue

Shivers - Distant.face

Landscape - Jaztorius

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Coffee Break Yoga #2

In Her Temple - Momento

Shanti (Peace Out) - MC Yogi

Stardew Valley - Headphone Activist

Om Mantra - Advaitas

In Her Temple - Momento

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Exploring the Edges
Chair Yoga, Level 3

In Her Temple - Momento

Shanti (Peace Out) - MC Yogi

Heart Sutra - Wah!

Stardew Valley - Headphone Activist

Hare Krishna - Wah!

The Southern Sea - Garth Stevenson

Om Mantra - Adviatas

In Her Temple - Momento

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Coffee Break Yoga #1

For Elena - Trevor H Oswalt, East Forest

Luna - Ebb & Flod

The Scent of Earth After Rain - Ebb & Flod

Horizon - Garth Stevenson

Halving the Compass - Helios

Thorskegga Thorn.jpeg


Chair Yoga, Level 2

For Elena - Trevor H. Oswalt, East Forest

Luna - Ebb & Flod

The Scent of Earth - Ebb & Flod

Gentle 1 - Ryan Richko

The Violet Hour - The Civil Wars

Horizon - Garth Stevenson

Awakening - Alex Couture

Halving the Compass - Helios

The Southern Sea - Garth Stevenson

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Start Where You Are:
Chair Yoga, Level 1

Evoke - Steve Gibbs

Trois Gymnopédies - Joanna MacGregor, Erik Satie

Clair De Lune - Laura Sullivan

Rue des Trois Frères - Fabrizio Paterlini

Calmative - Vincente M

Meditations Piano B - Farbmusik

Spiegel im Spiegel - Arvo Pärt, Angèle Dubeau, La Pietà

Letters of a Traveller - Ólafur Arnalds, Alice Sara Ott

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Earth Element

Frozen Grasslands - Cora Zea

Kusanagi - ODESZA


Low End Theories - Headphone Activist

Seven - Tash Sultana

Slip - Elliot Moss

Salvation - Tash Sultana

Forevermore - Yuna

God’s Whisper - Raury

Cherry - Chromatics

Mythological Beauty - Big Thief

Likes - Yuna, KYLE

Lavish Lullaby - Masego

1000 Arms - Lymbyc Systym

Move On - Garden City Movement

Awakening - Alex Couture

Frozen Grasslands - Cora Zea

Yoshiko Yamamoto - Vert.jpg


Water Element

Water Sign - East Forest

Reefs - Fujitsu

Something About You - Sophie Meiers

Don’t be Scared - Sophie Meiers & Michael Mason

Feels like a Sunday - Elderbrook

You Don’t Know Me - TRACE

Elevate - Headphone Activist

Low Tide - DRAMA

Walk Away - DRAMA

Castaway - Yuna, Tyler, The Creator

Swim - St. South

Pretty - Ingrid Michaelson

RSVP - Maren Morris

Summertime - June Marieezy

Wish You Still Felt This Way - 90sFlav, Sophie Meiers

Float - FTSE, Kenzie May

Lullaby - Tasha

The Scent of Earth after Rain - Ebb & Flod

Water Sign - East Forest

51 Holly - Vert.jpg


New Beginnings

Silver Sky - Enzo

Anonymous Club - Courtney Barnett

The Greatest - Cat Power

Shalom - Moonraker

Beggin For Thread - BANKS

Here for You - Kygo, Ella Henderson

You Know You Like It - DJ Snake, AlunaGeorge

I’m Good, I’m Gone - Lykke Li

Everytime - Broods

Never Expire - Gossling

Team - Lorde

Conscious - Broods

Blue Jeans - Lana Del Ray 

Hold Your Horses - Fallulah

Bag of Wind - Lia Ices

Something for Myself - Dark Dark Dark

Silver Sky - Enzo

50 - Katie Williamson - Vert.jpg


Fire Element

Alone Together - Kenny Dorham

Waltz for Koop - koop

I’m on Fire - Chromatics

Lean In - Rising Appalachia

Get Good (Infinitefreefall remix) - St. South

Murder to the Mind (Album Mix)- Tash Sultana

Mystic (Album Mix) - Tash Sultana

The First Time -Nicotine’s Famous Honey

Blank Marquee -Yuna, G-Eazy

Pink Youth -Yuna, Little Simz

Let Me Ride (Stro Elliot Remix) - Sly5thAve, Jimetta Rose

GIRL - Maren Morris

Shark Smile (Edit) - Big Thief

Big Smoke - Tash Sultana

The Moth - Aimee Mann

Good Job - Alicia Keys

Saint Honesty - Sara Bareilles

Alone Together - Kenny Dorham

Fire - HD vert.jpg


Air Element

The Art of Love - Sahlene Williams

Mary - Big Thief

Hostage - Billie Eilish

Claude’s Girl - Marika Hackman

Anxiety - TRACE

Forget About You - Yuna

North End Nightlife - Headphone Activist

Glorious Disaster - Demo - Sophie Meiers

Teenage Heartbreak - Yuna, MIYAVI

Ministry - Karen O, Danger Mouse

The Bones - Maren Morris

Hopes Up - DRAMA

Better Still - St. South

Idontwannbeyouanymore - Billie Eilish

Before I Sleep - Marika Hackman

Life Bound Friend - Ayla Nereo

The Art of Love - Sahlene Williams

Amelia Jane Murray - Vert.jpg


Ether Element

Rue des trois frères - Fabrizio Paterlini

Haiku - Headphone Activist

Watch - Billie Eilish

(Not) The Love of my Life - Yuna

Clumsy Love - St. South Remix - Thelma Plum

Does She - Yuna, Jay Park

Dead and Gone - DRAMA

Forever’s Gone - DRAMA

Heartbeat - Pablo Nouvelle

Heavy Shoulders - TRACE

UFOF - Big Thief

Don’t be Scared - Sophie Meiers

Ministry - Karen O, Danger Mouse

Amy - Yuna, Masego

Blue Moon - Chromatics

Tiada Akhir - Yuna

Dawning - Lights from a Distance

Lost in the Clouds - Zen Gaya

kate osborne - vert.jpg


Slow Your Roll

Easy - Commodores

Ain’t No Sunshine - Bill Withers

Fire - The Pointer Sisters

Take a Chance on Me - ABBA

Fame - David Bowie

Get Down On It - Kool & The Gang

Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire

Brick House - Commodores

We are Family - Sister Sledge

Night Fever - Bee Gees

Golden Years - David Bowie

You Are The Sunshine of My Life - Stevie Wonder

It’s Too Late - Carole King

How Deep is Your Love - Bee Gees

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel

Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell

Three Times A Lady - Commodores

Neil Thompson (1) - 1.jpg



Heart Sutra - Wah!

Go where the love is - Edie Brickell

My Song - Alessia Cara

Video - India.Arie

Reflection - Fifth Harmony

Me Too - Meghan Trainor

Show your Colors - Genevieve

Authority - Genevieve

I Choose - India.Arie, Bonnie Raitt

Live your Life - Yuna

Unique - Lenka

Rescue - Yuna

Strength, Courage and Wisdom - India.Arie

Scars to your Beautiful - Alessia Cara

Mine - Phoebe Ryan

Take Me as I Am - Au Revoir Simone

Heart Sutra - Wah!

Be my - Vert.jpg



Little Marriage - Lia Ices

Painter (Valentine) - Lapsley

Hunger - Rhye

Seeing Red - Alpine

Vagabond - MisterWives

Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding

Rose - Gossling

Khanti - Jean du Voyage

Take Me Out Tonight - Angela McCluskey

Authority - Genevieve

Four Walls - Broods

Silk - Giselle

Harvest of Gold - Gossling

Hot Button - Anya Marina

Brownlow - Lapsley

Daisies and Pews - Katie Herzig

Hare Krishna - Wah!

Leah Saulnier.jpeg



Trois Gymnopedies: No. 1 - Erik Satie, Joanna MacGregor

Anchor - Mindy Gledhill

No Harm Tonight - Lenka

Chasing The Moon - Mary Lambert

All We Know - The Chainsmokers, Phoebe Ryan

This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) - Ellie Goulding

Cake - Lily Allen

Brilliant Broke and Beautiful - Charlotte Sometimes

Tomorrow - Madi Diaz

You Got Me - Tristan Prettyman

Bright - Echosmith

Force of Nature - Bea Miller

Parentheses - The Blow

Go to the River - Yael Naim

Prom Dress - mxmtoon

Heart to the Party - Lenka

Far from Yesterday - Amy Stroup

Wait for the Morning - Amy Stroup

Trois Gymnopedies: No. 1 - Erik Satie, Joanna MacGregor

kim weiss.jpg


Stretching Ourselves

Away From Me - CHINAH

Nowhere - June Marieezy, Jordon Hardy

Night Drive - Ari Lennox

Roses and Gold - Biig Piig

If You Wanna - June Marieezy

The Night Song - Ravyn Lenae

Whipped Cream - Ari Lennox

R.E.M. - Ariana Grande

Blase - June Marieezy

Waiting - FKJ, Madelyn Grant

Moon- Brika

Soul Glitch - Tinashe

Body - Wet

Lights On - H.E.R.

If You Let Me - Sinead Harnett, GRADES

Avenue - H.E.R.

C’est La Vie - Tinashe

Blue in Green - Miles Davis

Annalise - buzz.jpg



La - Nils Frahm

Hara - Jean du Voyage

Hazard - Gossling

Show Me - Big Wild, Hundred Waters

Fitzpleasure - alt - J

Khanti - Jean du Voyage

Loud Pipes - Ratatat

Sleep Alone - Ben Phipps, Ashe

I Lay My Head - Fallulah

H.S.K.T. - Sylvan Esso

Fire Rides - MO

Give Us a Little Love - Fallulah

Ice Wine - Lia Ices

Witnesses to Hunger - The Civil Wars & T Bone Burnett

Don’t Look Back - Telepopmusik, Angela McCluskey

Om- Hippie Sabotage

Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish

Solitude - Everlight

Foxfeather Zenkova - vert.jpg



Stardew Valley - Headphone Activist

Expectations - Brika

Tadow - Masego, FKJ

Fly - FKJ remix - June Marieezy

Shark Smile (edit) -Big Thief

Bellyache - Billie Eilish

Best to You - Blood Orange

Turn the Light - Karen O, Danger Mouse

Cabin Fever - Luna Blake

Rewind - Wingtip, Sophie Strauss

Do You Feel This Way - Kailee Morgue, Whethan

2 - H.E.R

Low Tide - DRAMA

Slacks - St. South

Window Seat (feat Wafia) - Thomston, Wafia

If You Let Me - Sinead Harnett, GRADES

I Shall Rise - Karen O

Adagio for Strings, Op 11 - Samuel Barber

syble leperetti.jpg


Decision Making

The Past - Keegan DeWitt

Two Lungs - Mogli

Plenty - aeseaes

Ganesha - Wah!

Alaska - Maggie Rogers

Song- Sylvan Esso

Gold Fire - Santigold

Patricia - Florence & The Machine

Strangers - Portishead

White Noise (R3hab Remix)  - Ella Vos

Lyin’ - Bishop Briggs

Two Knocks - alternate version - aeseaes

I Don’t Want To Know - Sigrid

Keep Me Sane - Kacy Hill

Fire Rides - Night Version - MO

Roads - Portishead

Plenty - aeseaes

Painter (Valentine) - Lapsley

Light and Colour - Intimate Meditation

kris g. brownlee - vert.jpg


Creating Your Own Reality

Christmas Time Is Here - Vince Guaraldi Trio

Thank God It’s Christmas - Ella Vos

Carol of the Bells - Andra Day

Maybe Next Year - Meiko

Frosty The Snowman - Zee Avi

Winter Things - Ariana Grande

Oh Come All Ye Faithful - City High

Winter Paradise - Destiny’s Child

Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses

Black Christmas - Rose Graham

O Come All Ye Faithful - Ametria

Christmas In The City - Mary J. Blige, Angie Martinez

Christmas Came To The Ghetto - Avant

Wit It This Christmas - Ariana Grande

Christmas Lovin’ - R. Kelly

Gingerbread Man - Melanie Martinez

Ave Maria - The Cranberries, Luciano Pavarotti

Silent Night - Low

Christmas Time Is Here - Vince Guaraldi Trio

Sarah Boddy-vrt.jpg



Only Time - Enya

Angel - Sarah McLachlan

What I Am - Edie Brickell & New Bohemians

I Used to Love Him - Ms. Lauryn Hill, Mary J Blige

Strangers - Portishead

All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow

That’s The Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson

Vogue - Madonna

Near Wild Heaven - R.E.M.

No Diggity - Blackstreet, Dr. Dre

Say My Name - Destiny’s Child

Here With Me - Dido

Glory Box - Portishead

Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O’Connor

Only Time - Enya

kate samworth.jpg



Meditations Piano Bm 432 Hz - Farbmusik

Dorian - Agnes Obel

Echoes - ODESZA, Py

Om - Jean du Voyage

Ocean Floors - Headphone Activist

Rain - Wildlight

Out of It - Fallulah

Childhood Dreams - ARY

Pickin’ on Series / Oppression - The Human Experience

Take Wing - The Polish Ambassador

The Sea - Night Version - MO

The Final Scene - Headphone Activist

Got Me - St. South

Om - Hippie Sabotage

Better Still - St. South

When the party’s over - Billie Eilish

Meditations Piano Bm 432 Hz - Farbmusik

Anita Inverarity.jpeg


Finding Joy

In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

Love My Way - The Psychedelic Furs

Rock with You - Michael jackson

The Look of Love Pt 1 - ABC

Into the Groove - Madonna

Lips Like Sugar - Echo & the Bunnymen

Let’s Dance - David Bowie

Poison Arrow - ABC

Friday I’m in Love - The Cure

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around - Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty

Your Love is King - Sade

Time after Time - Cyndi Lauper

Somebody - Depeche Mode

Purple Rain - Prince

Eugene Seguy (1).jpg



Gratitude - India.Arie

I’m Alive - Willie Nelson

Thanksgiving - Poi Dog Pondering

God is Standing By - Al Green

Thankful n’ Thoughtful - Sly & The Family Stone

Thank You - Sly & The Family Stone

Gratitude - Earth, Wind & Fire

Be Thankful - Natalie Cole

Thankful - Jonny Lang

This - Darius Rucker

Happy to be Here - Todd Snider

Thank You - Alanis Morissette

Danke Schoen - Wayne Newton

Give Thanks & Praises - Bob Marley & The Wailers

A Life That’s Good - Lennon & Maisy

Thanks for the Memory - Ella Fitzgerald

Gracias A La Vida - Mercedes Sosa

What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Alone Together - Kenny Dorham

K. Courtney-2.jpg



Pretty Thoughts - Galimatias, Alina Baraz

Unfold - Alina Baraz, Galimatias

Subtle Thing - Marian Hill

Swoon - Rising Appalachia, The Human Experience

Higher Ground (pluko remix) - Odesza, Naomi Wild, Pluko

You - Brika

Slow Love - MO

Brand New Moves - Hey Violet

Make Me Feel - Janelle Monae

Hope (feat. Brave) - Tim Legend, Brave

Good Boy - Tameca Jones

Heartburn - Wafia

Ex - Kiana Lede

Make You Feel - Alina Baraz, Galimatias

Four Walls - Broods

Fantasy - Alina Baraz, Galimatias

Rise Up - Andra Day

Through the Dark - Vanbur

Avril 14th - Aphex Twin

wayne anderson.jpg


Letting Go

Love You Once Made - Valerie June

Twirl Me - Wildlight

Down - Marian Hill

Conversations Between - Wildlight

Sunlight - Helene

Lil’ bit wrong - Maty Noyes

River - Bishop Briggs

One Step at a Time - Bearson, Nat Dunn

Come First - Terror Jr.

Mine - Phoebe Ryan

Love on the Brain - Rihanna

Don’t Look Back - Ben Phipps, Ashe

I Don’t Care - Ariana Grande

Can I - Alina Baraz

Sunburn - Tinashe

Pulse - Gossling

Adagio for Strings, Op. 11 - London Philharmonic Orchestra and David Parry

Neil Thompson.JPG



Just Like Heaven- The Watson Twins

(They Long To Be) Close to You - The Cranberries

No Diggity - Chet Faker

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Regina Spektor

They Don’t Know - Lydia Loveless

I Can’t Go For That - the bird and the bee

I Wanna Be Your Lover - Corinne Bailey Rae

Ho Hey - Nashville Cast

Addicted to Love - Florence & The Machine

Wicked Games - Parra for Cuva

Power of Love - Anya Marina

Seven Nation Army - Zella Day

Sex and Candy - Unions

Crazy - Daniela Andrade

Ain’t No Sunshine - The Watson Twins

Toxic - Yael Naim

Can’t Help Falling in Love - Ingrid Michaelson

Try A Little Tenderness - Florence & The Machine

Wrecking Ball - Guitar Tribute Players

Roxanne - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

yellow bird greetings.jpeg


Things That Scare You

Haunted - Maty Noyes

Secret - The Pierces

The Zombie Song - Stephanie Mabey

Superstition - Stevie Wonder

I’m Your Boogie Man - KC & The Sunshine Band

Thriller - Michael Jackson

Somebody’s Watching Me - Rockwell

Dracula - Bea Miller

Abracadabra - Steve Miller Band

Black Magic Woman - Fleetwood Mac

Strange Brew - Cream

Spooky - Dusty Springfield

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked - Lennon & Maisy

Gravedigger - Willie Nelson

The Hanging Tree - James Newton Howard

1440 - Olafur Arnalds




Scarborough Fair / Canticle - Simon & Garfunkel

If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out - Cat Stevens

A Horse with No Name - America

For What It’s Worth - Buffalo Springfield

Turn! Turn! Turn! - The Byrds

Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison

You are my Sunshine - Ray Charles

Jumpin Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye

For Once in My Life - Stevie Wonder

Strange Brew - Cream

People Are Strange - The Doors

Groovin’ - The Young Rascals

I Got You Babe - Sonny & Cher

Blowin’ In the Wind - Bob Dylan

Can’t Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley

A Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum

Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers

Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell

Love Theme, Godfather Waltz - Nino Rota, Christopher Gunning

Hillary White Rabbit.jpeg



Sacred Heart - The Civil Wars

Sun Drips on Leaves - The Watson Twins

Pretty Bird - Jenny Lewis

Sunu - Rising Appalachia

Runaway - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Don’t Care What Time it Is - Rachel Platten

Amnesia - Mozella

Pretty Lil’ foot - Rising Appalachia

Workin’ Woman Blues - Valerie June

Song of Sorrow - Elle King

What I Needed - Erin McCarley

Blue Skies Again - Jessica Lea Mayfield

Timekeeper - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

These Tears Ain’t Mine - Roma di Luna

Paul - Big Thief

The Violet Hour - The Civil Wars

At the Table - The Civil Wars

Halving The Compass - Helios

unknown artist.JPG



I Can’t Make you Love Me - Bonnie Raitt

Still Run - Wet, Starchild & The New Romantics

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon

Momma’s Boy - Elizabeth & the Catapult

Love Song - Sara Bareilles

These Boots Are Made for Walking - Nancy Sinatra

I’m Not Missing You - Stacie Orrico

Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

Survivor - Destiny’s Child

You Gotta Be - Des’ree

Take Me As I Am - Mary J. Blige

Find What You’re Looking For - Olivia O’Brien

Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

True Colors - Cyndi Lauper

Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

When the Party’s Over - Billie Eilish

Against the Sky - Harold Budd, Brian Eno



Being Open to Infinite Possibilities

Spiegel im spiegel - Arvo Part, Angele Dubeau, La Pieta

Wish You Were Here - Lia Ices

Coffee - Sylvan Esso

Finally Woken - Jem

Keep You - Wild Belle

A Perfect Life - Santigold

Rollin’ w Yew - Maty Noyes

Rather Be - Clean Bandit, Jess Glynne

Could I Be - Sylvan Esso

Save My Mind for Later - Wildlight

A World Alone - Lorde

Silk - Giselle

Breathe Into Me - Marian Hill

Oh Darling - Gossling

Spiegel im spiegel - Arvo Part, Angele Dubeau




Winter Sun - Mogli

Blue - Luna Blake

It’s A Fire - Portishead

White Light - Luna Blake

Fallingwater - Maggie Rogers

The Shine - ayokay, Chelsea Cutler

Alaska - Maggie Rogers

Why Me - Santigold

Tempt My Trouble - Bishop Briggs

Jerome - Lykke Li

On & Off - Maggie Rogers

All the Other Girls - June Marieezy

Ah Ey Uh - June Marieezy

Say It Again - H.E.R.

Break Apart - Bonobo, Rhye

Underflow - Emma Louise

Riverside - Mogli

The Southern Sea - Garth Stevenson

JPEG image-6678CBC61FA2-1.jpeg


Speaking your Truth

Rain - Patty Griffin

Don’t Know How - honeyhoney

Being Pretty Ain’t Pretty - Pistol Annies

Daddy Lessons - Beyonce

Two Rings Shy - Miranda Lambert

Crazy Ain’t Original - Sheryl Crow

Hello Mr. Heartache - The Chicks

Old Flames - Kesha, Dolly Parton

I Hope - The Chicks

Lemon Drop - Pistol Annies

Whiskey Watered Down - Caroline Spence

Holding On to You - Miranda Lambert

A Life That’s Good - Nashville Cast

It Is What It Is - Kacey Musgraves

Dimming of the Day - Bonnie Raitt

Curtain Call - Clare Bowen

I Believe in Love - The Chicks

Rainbow - Kacey Musgraves

JPEG image-74F1072AA73A-1.jpeg



Heart Sutra - Wah!

The Good You Do - Christine Kane

Sing a Song for Them - Jenny Lewis

I Hope - Dixie Chicks

Love is the Answer - Aloe Blacc

Be Alright - Ariana Grande

Kill Em With Kindness - Selena Gomez

Put Your Hearts Up - Ariana Grande

Overwhelmed - Rachel Platten

I Will Be There - Odessa

Go Where the Love Is - Edie Brickell

Headed in the Right Direction - India.Arie

Add to the Beauty - Sara Groves

Two Heartbeats - Lenka

Prayer of St. Francis - Sarah McLachlan

The World Exploded into Love - Bob Schneider

Heart Sutra - Wah!

JPEG image-7FCA0EFE9B5B-1.jpeg


Feminine Power

Pray You Catch Me - Beyonce

Killing Me Softly With Your Song - Fugees

It’s Love - Jill Scott

Brotha - Jill Scott

Video - India.Arie

Appletree- Erykah Badu

Golden - Jill Scott

4 Leaf Clover - Erykah Badu

Fallin’ - Alicia Keys

He Loves Me - Jill Scott

Do You Remember - Jill Scott

Time’s a Wastin’ - Erykah Badu

Beautiful - India.Arie

All Night - Beyonce

Brown Skin - India.Arie

Gratitude - India.Arie

Sunburn - Tinashe

JPEG image-07B0FB2C8D92-1.jpeg


Living Life to the Fullest

Uno - Deuter

Laundry (I’m happy) - Good Lovelies

A Life That’s Good - Lennon and Maisy

Bright - Echosmith

Good Morning Happiness - Grant-Lee Phillips

These Are Days - 10,000 Maniacs

Rescue - Yuna

Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves

Be Okay - Oh Honey

Soak up the Sun - Sheryl Crow

The 84 - Black Prairie

Put your Records On - Corinne Bailey Rae

All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow

Live Your Life - Yuna

Feeling Good - Nina Simone

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

The World Exploded into Love - Bob Schneider

Uno - Deuter




Are You Ready? - Ryan Richko

Moonlight - Message to Bears

Chopping the Woods - East Forest

Horizon  - Luna Blake

Come Meh Way - Sudan Archives

Satyam Shivam Sundaram - Thievery Corp

Bad Karma - Axel Thesleff

Pickin’ on Series: Oppression - The Human Experience

Eco - Axel Thesleff

2 - H.E.R.

Purple Tree - June Marieezy

Plenty - Cloudgazing Remix - Aeseaes, Mind.dividied

Alaska - Mogli

This is Me Trying - Taylor Swift

Wish You Well - Emma Louise

Patterns - Steve Gibbs



Accessible Enlightenment

Rivers and Roads - The Head and the Heart

Paint the Sky - Charlotte Sometimes

Secret - Missy Higgins

Cabin Fever - Luna Blake

One Time - Marian Hill

Crazy - Jem

Stay - Kygo, Maty Noyes

It’s Too Late - Wild Belle

Follow Me - Oh Darling

Escape - Yuna

The Fall - Rhye

Deep - Marian Hill

Falling Out of Love - Maty Noyes

Surround You - Echosmith

Two Heartbeats - Lenka

The Violet Hour - The Civil Wars

Threnody - Goldmund




Evoke - Steve Gibbs

White Noise - Ella Vos

Fly - FKJ Remix - June Marieezy

Wish You Would - Marian Hill

Touch - Shura

Tetris - Brika

Crashing your Party - Santigold


You Don’t Know About Me - Ella Vos

Valley of the Dolls - Santigold

In The Waiting Line - Zero 7, Sophie Barker

Summertime - June Marieezy

Bet - Tinashe, Devonte Hynes

Like a Woman - Kacy Hill

Heavy Eyes - June Marieezy

Best Part - H.E.R., Daniel Caesar

Focus - H.E.R.

Evoke - Steve Gibbs

JPEG image-1EEC639D1CB5-1.jpeg


Letting Go of Good and Bad Judgments

After The Storm - Mumford & Sons

Delicate - Damien Rice

Sideways - Citizen Cope

Retrograde - James Blake

#88 - Lo-Fang

You Got the Style - Athlete

You & Me - Dave Matthews Band

Beauty Queen - Ben’s Brother

God Willin’ & the Creek Don’t Rise - Ray LaMontagne

Then I Was Loved By You - Chris Carmack

I Need a Forest Fire - James Blake, Bon Iver

Jolene - Ray LaMontagne

Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine

Holocene - Bon Iver

Letters of a Traveller - Olafur ARnalds, Alice Sara Ott

Bear Bee Free.jpg



Open - Rhye

Fantasy - Alina Baraz

Don’t Forget to Breathe - Bitter:Sweet

The Mating Game - Bitter:Sweet

Save Me - Jem

Got It - Marian Hill

Bridges - Fallulah

Headache - Charlotte Sometimes

It’s Too Late - Wild Belle

Harpeth River - The Watson Twins

Last Dance - Rhye

All I want - Angela McCluskey

Going Home - Mozella

The Laziest Gal in Town - Nina Simone

Don’t - Zoe Kravitz

Rise Up - Andra Day

When the Party’s Over - Billie Eilish

Celeste - Pete Kuzma

JPEG image-87F3D7C5C21E-1.jpeg


The Power of the Pause

Anitya - Jean du Voyage

Wolf - Sylvan Esso

Dog Years - Maggie Rogers

I See My Mother - Polica

Reflections - MisterWives

Say My Name (feat Zyra) - Odesza, Zyra

Lean On (feat. MO & DJ Snake) - Major Lazer

Reflections - MisterWives

Sweet Ophelia - Zella Day

Could I Be - Sylvan Esso

Our Own House - MisterWives

Heartlines - Broods

Rearrange - Stealing Sheep

Buzzcut Season - Lorde

The Suburbs - Mr Little Jeans

Silk - Giselle

Pretending - Evolution of Stars

Solitude - Everlight

JPEG image-F02D245A44E7-1.jpeg


Lightening Up

Take Me As I Am - Au Revoir Simone

Two Heartbeats - Lenka

Can’t Say No - April Smith and the Great Picture Show

All The Same to Me - Anya Marina

My Oh My - Tristan Prettyman

Upside Down - Paloma Faith

Dirty Laundry - Bitter:Sweet

Back It Up - Caro Emerald

Sister Wife - Alex Winston

Make Me Wonder - Oh Darling

Who Do You Love? - Lily Allen

Shine - Wild Belle

Go to the River - Yael Naim

I Need You - Oh Darling

What I Wouldn’t Do - A Fine Frenzy

I’ve Got a Feeling - Ivy

Kiss Me Again - Jessica Lea Mayfield

Use It for Good - Fallulah

Claire De Lune - Laura Sullivan

JPEG image-7038FD93E24C-1.jpeg



A Woman’s Worth  - Alicia Keys

Superwoman - Alicia keys

Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

Can’t Hold Us Down - Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim

Roar - Katy Perry

I Am Woman - Jordin Sparks

I Don’t Need A Man - The Pussycat Dolls

Sisters Are Doin’ It for Themselves - Eurythmics

Stand In The Rain - Superchick

Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys

Independent Women, Pt 1 - Destiny’s Child

Me, Myself and I - Beyonce

Take Me As I Am - Mary J Blige

You Don’t Own Me - Lesley Gore

Claire De Lune - Laura Sullivan

JPEG image-8C4E820F7E4E-1.jpeg


Going with the Flow

The Sea - ARY

I Know Places - Lykke Li

400 Lux - Lorde

Overdue - Bitter:Sweet

Get Up out Your Way - Wildlight

Tomorrow - Madi Diaz

In The Sea - Ingrid Michaelson

Carry You Home - Zara Larsson

My Moon My Man - Feist

Gasoline - Alpine

Breathe - Télépopmusik

Ocean Eyes - Astronomyy Remix - Billie Eilish, Astronomyy

Don’t Look Back - Télépopmusik, Angela McCluskey

In the Waiting Line - Zero 7, Sophie Barker

Light And Colour - Intimate Meditation



Celebrating Our Mistakes

Everything Must Go (Frank Collage)- Keegan DeWitt

Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine

Take It Back - Liza Anne

Room for 2 - Dua Lipa

Hearts Beat Loud - Keegan DeWitt, Kiersey Clemons

Everything Must Go - Keegan DeWitt, Nick Offerman

Slow Love - MO

You Don’t Know About Me(R3hab Remix) - Ella Vos

Jungle (Radio Edit) - Tash Sultana

Soul on Fire - Soustice

Jungle - Emma Louise

Mystik - Tash Sultana

Without You - Finding Hope, Holly Drummond

Notion - Tash Sultana

Dust to Dust - The Civil Wars

Gentle 1 - Ryan Richko

JPEG image-E66E2FE6A894-1-1.jpg



Tessellate - alt-J

Mysterons - Portishead

As I Moved On - Blue Foundation

Live Inside a Dream - Wildlight

Warm Water - Snakehips Remix - Banks, Snakehips

Gold - Kiiara

Hey Mami - Sylvan Esso

Wildfire - Tinashe

Crucible - Wildlight

That Feeling - Gossling

Handle With Grace - Angela McCluskey

Nobody’s Fault - Rising Appalachia

Don’t Look Back - Telepopmusik

Falling Short - Lapsley

Earth - Mogli



Live Now, Not Later

Groovy Music for Kama Sutra - Romantic Music Experience

Stay a Little Bit Longer - M. Fasol

Ready - Alessia Cara

Crush - Tessa Violet

Come Undone - Tove Lo

Turnin’ Me Up - BJ The Chicago Kid

Miniyamba - Yeahman, Mina, Hajna

SubD - Dimond Saints

Love is Alive - Louis The Child, Elohim

Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

I Like (the idea of) You - Tessa Violet

Rooting for You - Alessia Cara

October - Alessia Cara

Haze - Tessa Violet

Favorite Part of Me - Astrid S

Groovy Music for Kama Sutra - Romantic Music Experience

Dawn - the Cinematic Orchestra



Letting Your Light Shine

Honey Bee - Mountain Man

Honeybee - Chloe Gallardo

Honeybee - Lenka

Honey - Kehlani

Honey to the Bee - Play

Honey - Mariah Carey

Honey in the Sun - Camera Obscura

Honey & I - HAIM

Harvest of Gold - Gossling

Honey Bee - Emeryld

Bees like honey - Hana Ni, Alec B

Honey - Raveena

Syrup & Honey - Duffy

Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison

Horizon - Garth Stevenson

JPEG image-AABD6B4E94CE-1.jpeg



Sacred Heart - The Civil Wars

Love you Once Made - Valerie June

Tamar - Roma di Luna

Look Out Mama - Hurray For the Riff Raff

My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit

Don’t You Worry - Oh Honey

Flowers in Your Hair - The Lumineers

Birmingham - Shovels & Rope

Ho Hey - Lennon & Maisy

Pretty Lil’ Foot - Rising Appalacia

Forget Me Not - The Civil Wars

Lay Low - Shovels & Rope

Splitting Wood - Claire Guerreso

Home - Good Lovelies

Dance Me to the End of Love - The Civil Wars

Grass Top - Amber Rubarth

Focus (Rosie’s Theme) - The Civil Wars & T-Bone Burnett

The Violet Hour - The Civil Wars

JPEG image-D84CDE3352C3-1.jpeg


Finding the Middle Way

A Lover’s Spat - Gossling

Sensitive - Jean du Voyage

Hey Mami - Sylvan Esso

Strangers - Portishead

Downtown - Rising Appalachia

Om - Jean du Voyage

Got it - Marian Hill

Khanti - Jean du Voyage

Oh Love - Wildlight

Crucible - Wildlight

Wild Love - Gossling

Bittersweet Faith - Bitter:Sweet

Dress - Sylvan Esso

Video Games - Lana Del Rey

Love is Won - Lia Ices

Trois Gymnopedies: No 1 - Erik Satie, Pascal Rog




Can’t stop - Mozella

Daydreaming - Dark Dark Dark

The Way I Do - Bishop Briggs

Electric Lady - Janelle Monae

Four Pink Walls - Alessia Cara

Take Me Home - Jess Glynne

Skipping Stone - Alexz Johnson

You Wanted It - Mozella

Like I’m Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor

Watch Me - Paul McDonald

What’ll I Do - April Smith & the Great Picture Show

Nowhere - June Marieezy, Jordon Hardy

Syrup & Honey - Duffy

Death By Chocolate - Sia

See You Again - Elle King

Luna - Ebb & Flod

JPEG image-C655ACA2919A-1.jpeg



Growth - India.Arie

All That We Let In - Indigo Girls

You Learn - Alanis Morissette

Everyday is a Winding Road - Sheryl Crow

Just a Ride - Jem

There’s Hope - India.Arie

Soak Up The Sun - Sheryl Crow

Don’t You Worry - Oh Honey

We’re Not Alone - Echosmith

Thank You - Alanis Morissette

Alright - Ledisi

Healing - India.Arie

Que Sera, Sera -Sly & The Family Stone

That I would be Good - Alanis Morissette

Om - Hippie Sabotage

Shanti (Shavasana Dub) - MC Yogi

JPEG image-100A7D05776D-1.jpeg


Embracing Change!

Porcelain - Lucy Schwartz

Edge of the Ocean - Ivy

Don’t Leave Me - Regina Spektor

Je t’aime tant - Julie Delpy

1977 - Ana Tijoux

Tumbao - Kat Dahlia

My Oh My - Tristan Prettyman

Messiah - Mozella

La Vie est Breve - Angela McCluskey

Waters of March - Anya Marina

Silver Lining - Rilo Kiley

Universe & U - KT Tunstall

Wanna Be on your Mind - Valerie June

Fearless - Cyndi Lauper

How to disappear - Lana Del Rey

Ne Me Quitte Pas - Nina Simone

For Elena - East Forest

Attachment-1 (1).jpeg



Nectar Drop - DJ Drez

Sensitive - Jean du Voyage

Satyam Shivam Sundaram - Thievery Corporation

Come Meh Way - Sudan Archives

Mangalam - Prem Joshua

Nont For Sale - Sudan Archives

Khanti - Jean du Voyage

Got it - Marian Hill

Bad Girls - M.I.A. 

Punjab Shuffle - The Polish Ambassador

Holographic Universe - Thievery Corporation

Beloved - Anoushka Shankar, Thievery Corporation

Goldencity - Sudan Archives

Listening - Marian Hill

Calm - Govinda

Nani - Kaatru

Shanti (Peace Out) - MC Yogi



Connecting with

the Divine

Wizard Flurry Home - Mariee Sioux

From the Ground Up -Wildlight

Wildflowers (Exhale Efreet) - Made in Heights

I.O.U. - Fol Chen

Shut Eye - Stealing Sheep

Lights Out - Santigold

Alive - Ben Phipps

Mississippi - Rising Appalachia

It’s A Fire - Portishead

Bet -Tinashe, Devonte Hynes

Moody - Bitter:Sweet

Remembering - Jean du Voyage

Pulse - Gossling

Burn - Lapsley

Love is Won - Lia Ices

Bag of Wind - Lia Ices

Homeward Angel - Moby

JPEG image-C3EE02C82F9F-1.jpeg
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